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1. apríla 2011 Ostatné od Energia.skSITA

Seizmic resistance of nuclear power plant Mochovce will be reinforced

Monday – 14th March 2011

The law amendment of the law on renewable energy sources, which should be discussed in the parliament in March does not eliminate a continual growth of prices for electricity according to Stanislav Janiš (SDKÚ-DS), chairman of the parliamentary committee for economy. As Janiš said, support for electricity generation from renewable sources and combined heat and electricity generation was 160 million Euro in 2010 and in 2011 in will be 320 million Euro. „If we will not change the trend that was set up in 2009, this amount will be even higher in 2012. Therefore it is necessary to enter into the law and change the parameters that were set up in a business style by Fico´s government. The proposed amendment from SaS does not solve this at all,” explained Janiš. 

Tuesday – 15th March 2011

As a result of the fact that price for electricity as a commodity has annually dropped by 11 Euro for 1 Mwh in the period 2009 – 2010 the total revenues of the company SE – Enel have fallen by an estimated 14 %.

Wednesday – 16th March 2011

Chief of the Italian company Enel Fulvio Conti is not afraid of too much regulation of prices for electricity in Slovakia. The Italian energy giant has already discussed the issue of setting the regulatory processes and also talked with Slovak Prime Minister Iveta Radičová. „Slovakia is a stable democracy and therefore I am sure that the issue will be resolved in such a manner that all parties will benefit,” said Conti.

Thursday – 17th March 2011

Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. (SE) plan to increase the resistance of the first and second reactor of the Nuclear power plant Mochovce (EMO) against seismic quakes. The company has already announced a tender for realization of the first phase of the project within which a concept with calculations and the project documentation should be worked out. The deadline for those who would be interested in the tender is beginning of June this year.  According to the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of SR, Slovak nuclear power plants are able to resist strong earthquakes. Jaslovské Bohunice can resist an earthquake at a magnitude of eight from the scale MSK64 and Mochovce 7,4.

Friday – 18th March 2011

Veľký Šariš wants to generate heat in the upcoming heating season also from burning. Currently the project is in the phase of obtaining a construction license and works should start in April. If the works go according to the plan, almost 200 households and 100 additional consumers will have the possibility to have heat generated by burning firewood in the next winter season. During periods of big freezes the new technology could cover approximately 40 % of the whole heat which is needed and the rest will be generated by burning natural gas. In summer months the water will be heated only by burning firewood.

The state has given away 3,9 million Euro to households for purchasing solar collectors and boilers for biomass. As the Slovak innovation and energy agency (SIEA) informed the subsidies were given to 4415 applicants. Households are most interested in subsidies for solar collectors. This year the Ministry of Economy and Construction of SR allocated almost 2,7 million Euro within the program of higher utilization of renewable energy sources. Since the beginning of this year until the end of February SIEA records 554 new applications requesting  for more than 500 thousand Euro.

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